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Freeway Corporation’s products are crucial components across various industries due to their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Applications include automotive, agriculture, construction, appliance, fastener, distribution, consumer good, and recreational vehicle. From small intricate parts to large structural components, our products play a fundamental role in modern manufacturing processes across a diverse range of sectors.

Precision Metal Stamping Company and Manufacturer - Freeway Corporation
true application-engineering

Freeway’s flexibility in manufacturing is evident by our large presence in a number of diverse markets. Our ever-increasing knowledge and experience gained over the past seven decades allows us to meet the challenges in today’s manufacturing environment. We understand what drives you, so it drives us. We are a true application-engineering company.

Freeway assures the components we manufacture will consistently:
Meet your budget demands through cost-efficient manufacturing
Satisfy or exceed your quality requirements
Ship to the demands of your manufacturing/project schedule
Perform to your expectation and design specifications
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