Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Freeway Corp below with our FAQs & answer to help you going forward

General FAQs
There are a lot of stamping companies, why should I buy from Freeway?

Freeway developed horizontal-stamping machines that minimizes tool cost and maximizes manufacturing efficiency. This reduces lead-time and saves you money.

Does Freeway have an extensive tooling inventory?

Freeway maintains over 10,000 washer tools. Many times, we can interchange tools which translates to a cost savings in your tooling budget.

What size are Freeway’s stamping presses?

We are able to stamp a wide array of products. We run presses that range from 10 to 400 tons.

What is the maximum thickness Freeway can stamp?

Our maximum thickness is .312 (7.92mm)

Can Freeway perform additional operations on my manufactured components?

Yes. Our specialized subsidiary, Triangle Machine, can take a wide variety of parts and complete secondary machining requirements. If more assembly is required, Freeway can attach components as an additional operation.

Can I show you my product design? Can you offer application engineering?

Yes. Our engineers can work with you throughout the whole process. From design inception through product manufacturing, Freeway’s engineers are here to help your product perform while saving you money.

Is Freeway financially stable?

Since 1944, Freeway has remained financially healthy. We are a financially conservative company maintaining a strong balance sheet.