Metal Stamping for Appliances

If you produce dryers, refrigerators, and other appliances, you rely on small components such as stamped washers made from the best appliance stampings suppliers. That is where Freeway Corporation can help. Since 1944, we have served the appliance industry using the latest technology, efficient tools, and unrivaled engineering methods when creating every metal stamping for appliances.

Our tool-and-die department has access to many innovative tools to produce these essential components with a mission to serve our customers with high-end stampings and washers for the appliance industry. Each washer we manufacture meets various specifications. If requested, these stamped parts for appliance manufacturing can undergo additional operations, including plating and heat treating.

Our team of professionals manufactures appliance metal stampings designed for efficient, long-lasting durability.
Appliance Metal Stamping And Design
Freeway's Metal Stamping Solutions for Appliance Parts Manufacturing Companies Will:
Undergo Full Quality Control
Manufacturing metal stampings for appliances involves multiple steps that require our engineers to carefully conduct quality checks throughout production.
Maintain Fair Pricing
Appliance metal stampings are priced at competitive rates. When we start your project, we'll go over your requirements to determine a fair price for all parts produced.
Involve Skilled, Precise Manufacturing
We utilize specialized stamping presses when manufacturing metal stampings for appliances or CNC turning centers to manufacture turned metal components, including shafts and pins.

The Materials We Use to Create Appliance Metal Stampings

We strive to use quality materials when producing any of our appliance metal stampings. We are capable of manufacturing the following materials:

  • Alloy steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
Why Customers Choose Freeway Corporation for Appliance Metal Stampings

Freeway Corporation is a metal stamping company with over 75 years of experience in providing metal stampings, stamped washers, driveline components, machined components and commercial bearings. We utilize the best equipment in the metal working industry and we run these machines with experienced operators all backed up by talented engineers. Thousands of tools available along with one of the most extensive tool rooms in the business! Why choose Freeway? Our people make the difference!

Metal Stamping Appliance Components
Ready to Start Metal Stamping for Appliances?

When you are prepared to begin metal stamping for appliances, make Freeway Corporation your one and only partner. Contact Freeway Sales today to learn more about our solutions for appliance parts manufacturing businesses:

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