Metal Washer Stamping & Manufacturing

Freeway supplies custom-made washers for your unique application – one that speaks to your design specifications and demand for quality. Freeway utilizes special horizontal stamping presses and compound tools to produce millions of washers every day. In addition, our quality is maintained using in-house inspection / vision systems. If your defect PPM is zero, give Freeway an opportunity to make that requirement a reality.

Freeway’s modern tool and die department maintains an inventory over 10,000 ready-to-use tools, to insure the fastest possible delivery on any washer order. When secondary operations are needed, Freeway is capable of completing involved and difficult processes in-house. In addition, we are partners with other world-class metal processing companies.

With Custom-Developed Horizontal & Vertical Washer Presses, we can complete any job.
Tooling Delivery

Freeway combines an inventory of over 10,000 ready-to-use tools with a modern tool and die department to ensure fastest possible on any special order.

Dimensional Specs

Outer Diameter: .050”
(1.27 mm) – 6” (152.4 mm)

Inner Diameter: .020”
(.508 mm) – 5” (127.0 mm)

Thickness: .005”
(.127 mm) – .375” (9.525 mm)


Should secondary operations be needed, Freeway is capable of completing most processes in-house.

  • Plating
  • Tapping
  • Deburring
  • Heat-Treating
  • Welding

Low Carbon Steel

(All Grades and Tempers)

High Carbon Spring Steel

(All Grades)

Hardend & Tempered Spring Steel

HSLA Steel

(All Grades)

Alloy Steel

(All Grades)

Coated Steel

(Galvanized, Galvalume, Galvanealled, Aluminized)

Stainless Steel

(300 & 400 Series, Alloys)
(Variety of Finishes and Tempers)


(Common Alloys: 1100, 3003, 5005, 5052, 5182, 5754)
(Heat Treat Alloys: 6061-0, 6061-t6)
(All Tempers)


(Standard and Specialty Alloys)


(Standard and Specialty Alloys)

Phosphor Bronze Alloys
Nickel, Zinc, and Special Alloys


Types of washers

AN 960
AN 970
Belleville Spring
Beveled Cup
Beveled O.D.
“C” Shape
Conical Tooth
Custom Shaped
Cylindrically Curved
“D” Shape
Electrical Contact
Flat Tooth
Flattened Shaft
Grade 8
Hexagonal Hole
Internal Tab
Internal External
Lock Washers
Machinery Bushing
External Tab
Off Center Hole
Oval Closet
Retaining Cup
Serrated Tooth Cup
Special Flat
Split Disc
Spring Retainer
Square Hole
Standard Washer
Tab Lock Washer
Wave Spring
Special Flat Washers

Unlike costly, progressive tooling, Freeway’s compound tooling can hold and control flatness to a much tighter tolerance. This is accomplished by blanking the OD and ID at the same time.

Custom shaped washers

Before you pay for an expensive progressive die to produce your parts, let Freeway see if our more economical compound tooling can be designed and utilized for your custom shaped washers. Our tooling is not limited to three dimensional round washers; we stamp any shape imaginable with or without a hole, multiple holes or slight bends or forms.

Standard Washers

Freeway can make or mirror standard sized washers; however, tolerances are held much tighter to perfectly fit our customers’ applications. If a standard washer (USS, SAE, etc.) with open tolerances is needed, contact our standard washer specialist. Many standard sized washers are in stock for quick delivery.

Other washers

Our engineering staff is eager to help you with design ideas that will make your washer more economically manufacturable. Send us your rough drawing or engineered print (or we can create one for you) for your washer requirements.