Custom-Made Driveline Components & Driveline Products

We understand the automotive industry’s requirements for design, quality, and performance. Our extensive knowledge of metal and rubber components in power transmission and driveline parts gives us an advantage over other companies. In turn, you will receive the product you want with the performance you expect.

Rubber And Metal Driveline Products

Rubber and Metal Driveline Components

  • Center Bracket Bearings – One Piece or Welded Multi-Piece
  • Boot/Can Assemblies with Freeway-developed Crimping Retainers
  • End Plates
  • Seals
Driveline Components Machine

Assembly Equipment

Freeway designs and custom-builds assembly equipment for driveline products. Based on project volume needs, equipment ranges from manual to fully-automated.

Custom Driveline Part Serialization

Part Serialization and Traceability

As part of our quality standards, we employ a part serialization system. The serial number is printed directly onto the part from the driveline components company, giving you peace of mind with trackability, traceability, and reliability.

Freeway Corporation Is The Answer For Driveline Components

At Freeway Corporation, we know that quality, reliability and innovative designs are key in the automotive industry. That’s why we put our extensive knowledge and experience with driveline components to work every day, ensuring our customers receive the parts they need in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Driveline Parts

Our team of experts has vast experience with driveline components and is ready to create the parts you need — and answer any questions you have about them. If you need rubber and metal components for powertrain applications, Freeway is a driveline components company that will deliver stampings and assemblies for your driveline products.

Why Should I Buy Vehicle Driveline Components From Freeway Corporation?

At Freeway Corporation, we believe in the power of technology and using that power to create quality, cost-effective products for our customers. We are one of the leading driveline manufacturers in the country. Our state-of-the-art, updated processes let us manufacture driveline parts that consistently meet your requirements.

Can Freeway Custom-Make Driveline Components To Your Specification?

Freeway Corporation is the leading provider of metal stamp automotive solutions in the U.S. When you work with us, you have access to our team of experienced engineers and machine operators who will take the specifications of your driveline components and manufacture them to your specifications using our in-house tooling and advanced equipment.

What Methods of Tracking Does Freeway Use For Driveline Products?

We understand how important quality and reliability are in the automotive industry. As part of Freeway’s quality standards, we can print serial numbers directly onto all driveline parts, giving our customers peace of mind with trackability, traceability and reliability.

Freeway Is a Cut Above Other Driveline Manufacturers

Freeway Corporation is a metal stamping company with over 75 years of experience in providing driveline components as well as other machined components and metal stampings. We utilize the best equipment in the metal working industry to deliver products that will satisfy the needs of every customer. 

Behind those machines, we have our team of experienced operators, all backed up by our talented engineers. It’s those talented people that make Freeway one of the best driveline manufacturers in the country.

Find The Driveline Components You Need at Freeway

Ready to partner with Freeway for your vehicle driveline components? Contact Freeway sales today to request a quote and discover the difference we can make for your operation.

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