Precision Metal Stamping & Manufacturing

We started with a metal washer in 1944. With our unique Horizontal and Vertical presses up to 400 tons, Freeway works from initial design concept to finished product. Being a part of the initial stages of a project gives us the ability to engineer value and reduce costs where possible.


Low Carbon Steel

(All Grades and Tempers)

High Carbon Spring Steel

(All Grades)

Hardend & Tempered Spring Steel

HSLA Steel

(All Grades)

Alloy Steel

(All Grades)

Coated Steel

(Galvanized, Galvalume, Galvanealled, Aluminized)

Stainless Steel

(300 & 400 Series, Alloys)
(Variety of Finishes and Tempers)


(Common Alloys: 1100, 3003, 5005, 5052, 5182, 5754)
(Heat Treat Alloys: 6061-0, 6061-t6)
(All Tempers)


(Standard and Specialty Alloys)


(Standard and Specialty Alloys)

Phosphor Bronze Alloys
Nickel, Zinc, and Special Alloys



If you need to proof your design prior to tooling, we can support you with this service to ensure the part you want is the part you get.

Tool Systems

We design and build equipment and tooling that assembles or completes a product. This may include assembly of stamped parts for machined or cold-formed parts as well as crimping dissimilar material together such as metal and rubber.

Customer Support

Once we have earned your business, an Account Representative here will be assigned to you for delivery and service questions. Every department and staff level is at your service.