We are a full-service provider of turned & precision machined components

Triangle Machine Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Freeway Corporation located on the Freeway corporate headquarter property. Triangle is a full-service provider of turned and machined components. With an extensive array of turning and machining equipment, Triangle can easily manufacture the components you require.

Triangle is fully capable of handling both small and large production runs. We continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment to provide superior quality and value to our customers.

Let us be your source for turned and machined components.

Triangle’s experienced and knowledgeable staff, our state-of-the-art equipment, and extensive capabilities will provide you with the highest quality part at the lowest total cost.

Equipment List
  • 30+ Automatic Screw Machines
  • CNC Turning Centers
  • Five Axis Machining
  • Drill and Tap Machining Centers
  • Horizontal and Vertical Broaches
  • Thread and Spline Rolling Machines
  • Centerless Grinders


Automatic Screw Machine
Machining up to 2 5/8″ round and up to 2 5/16″ hex
CNC Machining up to 2 7/8″ bar
Chucking up to 7″ blanks
Automated load and unload

Whether your application requires a turned or machined component from 10 pieces to 1,000,000 plus pieces, Freeway’s wholly owned subsidiary, Triangle Machine Products, has the equipment to produce your order. Our 47,000 square foot facility operates 30 multi-spindle automatic screw machines, CNC single-spindle turning centers, CNC drill and tap centers, high speed CNC chuckers and secondary support equipment.


Triangle’s CNC Turning centers will provide you a quick turn around on lower volume parts saving you time and money. Triangle’s CNC equipment can be set up quickly to begin turning in a matter of minutes. By using our CAD/CAM software, we’re able to import the data directly from the print to the manufacturing cell. This process minimizes programming time and increases the quality of your product.

Horizontal single and twin spindle lathes are set up with an automated parts loading/unloading gantry robotic systems to machine components 24 hours/7 days a week. These systems, once set up, operate unattended lowering the overall manufacturing costs. This equipment is used to machine components from blanks and/or add additional operations to pre-turned/machined components.


When medium to high volume turned component are needed, Triangle’s multi-spindle screw machines are utilized to quickly produce a high volume of parts per hour.  With up to 2-11/16 round and 2-5/16 hex bar capacity, our machines are operated and maintained to produce medium to higher volume turned components. An underground boom system automatically removes the metal chips from the machine conveying these to a chip spinning system to reclaim the cutting oils. This system save the cost associated with removing the cutting chips from each machine and maximizes the usable life of the cutting oil.

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