Steel & Custom Flat Washers

Supplying customers with stainless steel flat washers is what we do best. Freeway Corporation has been a leading provider of stamped flat washers for decades. Our dedicated staff of designers, engineers and machinists all work together toward the same goal of providing customers with the highest quality flat washer available today.

More Than Just Stainless Steel Flat Washers

In addition to manufacturing and machining stainless steel flat washers in hundreds of different sizes and specifications, we work with clients to develop specialized tooling for any custom flat washers they may need. Our design department has produced over ten thousand unique tools and dies to create custom flat washers specifically for your application.

Additional Flat Washer Services

We help our clients along every stage of the flat washer design process. From developing proofs before tooling all the way through production and secondary services, Freeway Corporation has a stainless steel flat washer program for each of our clients. Our offered flat washer services include:


  • Prototyping
  • Tool Development
  • Metal Stamping Products
  • Plating
  • Heat-Treating
  • Deburring

Compound Tooling For Stainless Steel Flat Washers

One of the most important pieces of feedback we get from our clients is the importance of uniformity in their flat washers. For driveline parts in the automotive, manufacturing and heavy agriculture industries, high-quality flat washers are paramount. At Freeway Corporation, we achieve superior quality by using compound tooling that can hold and control washer flatness to a much higher tolerance. We accomplish this by simultaneously blanking your stainless steel flat washer’s outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID), preventing unwanted deformation or misaligned punching.

Why Are Flat Washers Important?

Flat washers are critical hardware components for your fasteners. A flat washer increases the bearing surface of your hardware fasteners by redistributing load forces over a larger surface area. Stainless steel flat washers are used extensively when dealing with softer metals or irregular hole sizes and help your fastenings stay put during operation.

Make Freeway Corporation Your Custom Stainless Steel Flat Washer Source

From flat washer metal stampings to precision machining components, Freeway Corporation is trusted for a wide variety of metal fabrication services. As a one-stop solution provider of machining, tooling and hardware, our clients have relied on us to keep their production lines moving since 1944. We are a TS16949 company, so our custom flat washers are certified to meet or exceed industry standards for quality and craftsmanship. Contact us today to learn more about our stainless steel flat washers and specialty design services.