Lock Washers

Get standard and custom lock washers from Freeway Corporation. As a leader in the metal-working industry, Freeway leverages the latest production technologies to produce top-of-the-line stainless steel lock washers, metal washers and other metal stampings. Get quality that exceeds your expectations with steel lock washers from Freeway.

What Is a Lock Washer?

Lock washers are mechanical fasteners that prevent nuts and bolts from loosening effects caused by vibration. They work by creating friction between the lock washer and the attachment surface. This helps to keep the nut or bolt from turning when vibration occurs during operation. There are three major varieties of lock washer: split-lock, tooth-lock and wave washers.

Split-Lock Washers

The most common type of steel lock washer, a split-lock consists of a circular plate with a split in the center. The split allows the lock washer to compress slightly when tightened, creating tension and grip against the fastening surface.

Tooth-Lock Washers

Tooth-lock washers have a series of teeth or ridges that “bite” into the fastening surface. Providing additional grip and resistance to turning, tooth-lock washers are used extensively in automotive, construction and electronics applications.

Wave Washers

Wave washers have an undulating, wavy shape that provides a spring effect. When compressed, the shape of the washer creates tension and vibration resistance.

Stainless Steel Lock Washers
Lock Washers
Industries That Use Steel Lock Washers

Lock washers are widely used across several industries. Due to their ability to counter vibrations, lock washers are heavily used in applications where movement can disrupt fastenings. Industries that use steel lock washers include:

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Fabrication
  • Aerospace
  • Military and Defense
  • Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Robotics
Lock Washers

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lock Washers

Tap into our knowledge center with some answers to frequently asked questions we receive regarding our stainless steel lock washers.

How Do You Use Lock Washers?

A lock washer is typically used with fastening hardware such as nuts and bolts. Place the washer on the threaded end of the hardware. Then, screw the nut onto the bolt. Tighten it to create the desired compression and tension.

How Does a Steel Lock Washer Work?

A steel lock washer creates tension between the fastener and the materials being held together. This tension prevents the hardware from loosening during operation by reducing the impact of vibrations.

What are Custom Steel Lock Washers?

At Freeway, we can produce lock washers in a variety of sizes and materials. Depending on your needs, our stainless steel lock washers can be made to match a number of requirements and tolerances. Whether you need light-duty washers for standard applications or heavy washers for industrial equipment, Freeway can make it for you.

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Keep your mechanical operations intact with steel lock washers from Freeway Corporation. Our design and engineering team produces and maintains a library of over 10,000 tools and dies for metal stampings. In addition, our post-processing team can handle plating, tapping, deburring and a number of other secondary services. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities. Order your stainless steel lock washers today.