Heavy-Duty Conical Washers

Conical spring washers are used heavily in many different industries. At Freeway Corporation, we produce high-quality conical spring washers designed to meet our client’s exact specifications for size, thickness and materials. Our design and manufacturing expertise can be leveraged to create your very own custom conical washers.

What Is a Conical Washer?

A conical washer, also referred to as a conical spring washer, is used to absorb vibration and maintain preload in bolted joints. Conical washers provide a spring force that prevents bolts from loosening due to vibration or thermal expansion. Using multiple conical washers can allow for deflection of the bolt assembly which is useful in dynamic load environments.

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How to Use a Conical Washer

High-quality conical spring washers can be stacked in series or in parallel to increase load and deflection. Conical washers stacked in parallel will increase load without increasing deflection. Likewise, conical spring washers stacked in series will increase deflection without positively or negatively affecting load capability. You can also stack conical washers using parallel sets in series to increase load and deflection simultaneously.

Industries That Use Conical Washers

Conical spring washers are used to absorb shock and counter vibration when a spring force is needed. The shape of a conical washer means it does not rest flush against a surface unless under load from the bolt assembly. Some industries that use conical washers include:


  • Industrial Automation
  • Pump Manufacturing
  • Metalworking
  • Automotive
  • Machining

What Is the Difference Between a Conical and Belleville Washer?

There is no difference between a conical washer and a Belleville washer. The inventor Julien Belleville patented a spring design that was based on disc springs, and his name has since become synonymous with the conical spring washer. Other names for conical washers include coned-disc springs, cupped spring washers, conical spring washers and Belleville springs.

Custom Conical Washers

When you need heavy washers, there is no better place to turn than Freeway Corporation. We can produce conical washers for use in heavy equipment such as bulldozers, combines, tractors, loaders, conveyors and more. Our heavy-duty conical washers are made with HSLA steel, aluminum, brass or stainless steel and sized to meet your specifications.

Get Conical Washers and More From Freeway Corporation

Utilizing our tool and die department, Freeway Corporation can produce high-quality conical spring washers on quick turnarounds to meet the demands of modern manufacturing. Produced under one roof, we provide some of the shortest lead times with prompt delivery of your conical washers. We can also complete post-processing and secondary operations in-house, including plating, tapping, heat-treating, deburring and more. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality conical spring washer options and how Freeway Corporation can help you.

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